Details of Club Ownership

FA National League System Licensing - Year 2017 - Publication of Ownership

Faversham Town Football Club Limited (FTFC Ltd) is required by the FA to make public details of ownership.

Accordingly the Directors wish to make the following information available:-

Faversham Town Football Club Limited is registered with Companies House as Company Number 09361401.

FTFC Ltd was incorporated on 18th December 2014 as a company limited by guarantee. At that date FTFC Ltd took over all the assets and liabilities of Faversham Town Football Club which was a members club.

As a company limited by guarantee FTFC Ltd does not have any share capital and no one person, or persons, has a controlling interest. Under the Articles of Association the management of FTFC Ltd is in the hands of a Board of Directors elected/re-elected by the members of FTFC Ltd at the Annual General Meeting.

Details of how to become a member of FTFC Ltd can be obtained from the Secretary whose contact details are available elsewhere on the FTFC Ltd website.